Drive Service

Drive Service

An ounce of prevention…

Why wait for an emergency?

Electronic Drives and Controls’ VFD Preventive Maintenance Inspection Program is designed to address your multiple requirements for uninterrupted service at an economical cost. The program, performed at conveniently scheduled intervals, will minimize unexpected drive failures while reducing your long term operating costs.

Cause-and-Effect Know-How
Our Drive Service Engineers are knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Our unique insight developed through years of experience and thousands of successful repairs provides us with the ability to effectively and efficiently target and eliminate drive problems in their infancy before they develop into full-blown drive failures, thereby saving you equipment failure, downtime and money.

Partnering with EDC
EDC’s objective is to partner with our customers. Starting with the basics of a thorough and reliably performed VFD PM Program, we will assist in increasing the bottom line through efficient energy use practices as well as increasing the return on investment. We can extend the life of your equipment, minimize the number and severity of drive failures and ultimately improve the integrity of the drive system. Maximizing up-time operation of a facility’s VFDs will ensure energy saving by avoiding unnecessary energy usage and unnecessary peak demand rates. Drives kept at peak performance levels will prove less costly because the number and severity of failures are minimized.

How do we do this?
Following our 27 point inspection procedure a comprehensive an accurate evaluation of each drive is completed. Each drive is tested in static and dynamic states as we seek to eliminate sources of HEAT – the #1 enemy of electronics. The inspection is concluded by issuing a clean bill of health or recommendation for corrective action intended to increase operational reliability and longevity. If replacement is the cost efficient or desired option, we will install and start-up a replacement drive using your preferred brand, providing warranty support.

Drives Database
EDC maintains an active database that contains drive data and the operating history of each drive we service. The drive’s history is updated with field information after each PM. The maintenance history of each drive becomes a part of the subsequent Field and PM reports, enabling our engineers to identify potential emerging patterns that may need to be addressed at the next PM or otherwise as required.

Documented Savings !!!
Electronic Drives and Controls’ VFD Preventive Maintenance Inspection program will save you money in terms of reliable drive operation and decreased downtime. We have a long history of successful before-and-after cases; Benefits you can rely upon.

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