Who is Electronic Drives and Controls?
Privately owned Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. was founded in 1968. Electronic Drives and Controls specializes in electronic drive service (on-site and send-in) drive parts sales, system integration (using the drive brand and drive distributor of the customer’s choice), and drive rentals.

Electronic Drives and Controls is the factory authorized service center for over 40 drive brands. Independent and objective, Electronic Drives and Controls has no formal drive distribution agreements with any manufacturer. Electronic Drives and Controls is located in a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Parsippany, N.J. (approximately 30 miles from New York City.)
Does Electronic Drives and Controls distribute drives?
No, Electronic Drives and Controls is not a drive distributor. We are a service center and system integrator. The drives that we use in our systems are either specified or supplied by the customer.
Which drive brands does Electronic Drives and Controls service?
Electronic Drives and Controls services all brands and is the factory-authorized service center for over 40 brands. If you would like to know our specific experience on the particular brand that you may have, please give us a call.
What are the “other industrial controls” that Electronic Drives and Controls services?
Although we specialize in drive service, Electronic Drives and Controls can also service many other controls:
  • PLC’s
  • Temperature Controls
  • Power Controls
  • AC Starters
  • Annealers
  • Eddy Current Field Supplies
  • M-G Set Field Supplies
  • Brake Field Supplies
  • Plater Supplies
  • Uninterruptible/Stand-by Power Supplies
Can Electronic Drives and Controls look beyond the drive
and troubleshoot the overall system?
Yes, in many cases, the problem with a drive system is not the drive at all. We are experienced at spotting problems with mechanical assemblies, transducers, relay logic, motors, pneumatics, hydraulics, etc.
Why call Electronic Drives and Controls rather than a general electronic troubleshooter, motor shop, or an electrician?

Value for your service dollar!  Sure, given enough time, enough money, and enough parts…eventually anybody could probably repair a drive. However, if you need fast, reliable drive service and value for your service dollar, you should seek a drive specialist: Electronic Drives and Controls.

With a successful 40-year track record, we understand the requirements of effective drive service and have designed an entire organization to meet them: Our performance-driven service team is backed with…

  • Drive factory training
  • Hands-on experience
  • A huge inventory of spare parts
  • Drive-specific service instruments
  • A comprehensive schematics library
  • An inside support staff second to none

If your drive MUST be running, Electronic Drives and Controls is your source:

The Drive Service Specialists.

What is the Electronic Drives and Controls coverage area?
We will travel anywhere. Our primary service area, however, is the New York metro area: NY, NJ, CT, PA. Our secondary area is from Boston to Baltimore. We do service calls all over the United States on a regular basis .
What is the Electronic Drives and Controls service response time?
Typically, we have a service engineer out the door and on his way within 15 minutes of your call for service.

Our techs are in constant contact with EDC's centeralized disptach center. Therefore, going from one job site to another, without returning to the office is standard practice. In other words, if an emergency call requires being on site in Connecticut, New York, or Pennsylvania, chances are that we have someone there already.
What about insurance and other legal requirements?
We do not subject our customers to secondary-contingent liability. We are in legal compliance with ECRA, OSHA, EEO, Right-To-Know, taxes, insurance, etc.
Is my drive too small to repair?
A drive smaller than 10 HP / 7.5 kW can be repaired but often the repair cost exceeds 50% the cost of a new drive. Therefore, as a guideline, repairs on drives that are smaller than 10 HP /7.5kW, are usually beyond economical repair (B.E.R.).
Can Electronic Drives and Controls provide manuals and schematics for my drive?
Electronic Drives and Controls does not sell, give away, reproduce, or distribute any technical documents from other manufacturers. If you need schematics or manuals, please refer to your original equipment manufacturer's website or documentation department.
How do I send my drive to Electronic Drives and Controls for repair?
Electronic Drives and Controls can provide on-site service 24 hours a day. If on-site service is not economical due to distance or other reasons, you can ship your drive to us for repair. Call our service department to inform them of your intent and discuss logistics and repair time.
Ship to:

Electronic Drives and Controls
Repair Department
17 Eastmans Road
Parsippany, N.J.
How much does it cost to repair my drive?
Electronic Drives and Controls charges a flat fee of $155 to evaluate drives sent to our location. This evaluation fee covers the time it takes to assess the mode of failure, parts and time required for a full repair. Once your drive is evaluated, our service department will call you and discuss the results of the evaluation and your options.
Can Electronic Drives and Controls repair my servo, spindle and axis controls?
No. Electronic Drives and Controls typically does not repair Servo, Spindle or Axis Controls.