Amid Supply Chain Shortages, Facility Managers Leverage Preventive Maintenance Services to Avoid HVAC Downtime

If you are a building owner or facility maintenance engineer feeling the pains of the ongoing supply chain shortages, the cost and delays of replacing Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) replacement parts, or the inability to control motor speed to keep your building’s HVAC system running at peak efficiency, EDC’s preventive maintenance services can help. Due […]

Parsippany Sanitary Sewer Utility Gives a Customer’s Perspective on Preventive Maintenance Services Provided by EDC

In a recent customer interview conducted by an independent third party, Steve Vetrero, the operations supervisor at Parsippany, NJ’s 9 million-gallon-per-day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant discusses his plant’s operations and how EDC saves the municipality money and is a critical partner in keeping the facility running at peak performance.    Background The Parsippany Sanitary Sewer […]

EDC Earns High Marks for VFD Preventive Maintenance and Service from Chief Engineer at Premier NYC Commercial Office Building

In a client interview conducted by an independent third party, Chief Engineer of 52 Broadway, Kevin Ridder spoke about the challenges of managing a New York City high-rise commercial office building and how working with EDC, an expert VFD full-service provider, has given him peace of mind. As the first line of communication when it […]

Top 4 Reasons to Implement a Control System Preventive Maintenance Program

What is Preventive Maintenance? Preventive Maintenance (PM) is a program designed to maintain optimal function of your control systems (Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), PLCs, etc.) in real time while also preventing deterioration and failure in the future. With regularly scheduled maintenance, PM allows users to realize the greatest return on their investment. How does Preventive […]

Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention Electronic Drives and Controls’ VFD Preventive Maintenance Program is  designed to address your multiple requirement for Uninterrupted service, and Economical operating costs. Your EDC representative will show you supporting documentation proving the benefits of preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance works Quality Guarantee Your PM is performed by bona fide front-line field service [...]

Elevating Safety and Efficiency: Success in Machine Control Modernization

EDC recently modernized a foam production line for a client that specializes in the development and production of advanced wound care materials, enhancing safety features without extensive control system changes. Key safety components, including a door access interlock, a cable operated switch and emergency stop buttons, were integrated with a new safety controller. The project […]

Case Study – EDC’s Modernization of a Ruesch Steel Slitting Machine Control System with Siemens Yields 67% Throughput Gain

In a recent project for a leading producer of specialty rolled products, Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC) successfully addressed a series of challenges stemming from an outdated Ruesch slitting machine control system. Characterized by obsolete hardware components, a complex operator interface, and difficulties in maintaining precise tension during steel slitting, the control system required an […]

Case Study – EDC’s Comprehensive Upgrade of an Unique Horizontal Drawbench to Enhance Performance and Reliability

Electronic Drives and Controls recently successfully upgraded a unique horizontal wire drawbench, resolving complex challenges through hardware and software optimization, diagnostic enhancements, and safety improvements, resulting in enhanced performance, reliability, and operational efficiency. Problem: A long-time client of Electronic Drives and Controls and an American manufacturer of scientific instruments faced numerous issues with their one-of-a-kind […]

Case Study – Modernizing a Cable Fabrication Line with Supportable Parts and Equipment for Better Operation, Data Collection, and Performance Features

The oil and gas industry utilizes equipment and components that must perform and endure in harsh environments such as the ocean, underground, weather, and other adverse conditions.  It is crucial that all equipment or materials used in such operations meet the highest quality standards and specifications.  While many companies outsource the fabrication of large power […]

Continuing a 41 Year-Long Tradition: the Latest on the Notorious EDC Calendar!

Started back in 1981, every year Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC) releases a new wall calendar. The first year they were printed, EDC gave out 150 copies. What started as a fun piece of marketing collateral to hand out like pens and hats quickly turned into a massive yearly production. The calendars have been incredibly […]

Wire and Cable Pain Points and How to Resolve Them

Operating a wire or cable production line can be complex and may include drawing, annealing, stranding, jacketing, spooling, and even packaging for final shipment. Despite the best practices and intentions, many things can go wrong.    Wire and cable manufacturing encompasses many concurrent processes.  The slightest problem, which sometimes goes undetected, can result in significant waste […]

Case Study – From Old to New: Modifying a Legacy Dual Textile Spray Line into an Efficient Machine with Doubled Throughput

Heytex, a brand of the German-based Heytex Bramsche GmbH, is a global developer and manufacturer of high-quality technical textiles. Their portfolio includes sophisticated and unique products fabricated and engineered using complex textile technology, such as signage, banners, boats, sales, barriers, and other technical textile products for a variety of customers. Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC), […]

Electronic Drives and Controls Field Service Engineer Scott Sullivan Featured in Webcast

Congratulations are in order to Electronic Drives and Controls Field Service Engineer Scott Sullivan who joined CFE Media and Technology for a VFD Technology focused webcast on September 14, 2022. Find the full webcast here! Sullivan has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and specializes in the application of variable speed drive (VFD) technology and on-site field […]

Coating and Laminating – Pain Points and Resolutions

DOES THIS HAPPEN TO YOU? You’re running your gravure coater almost at full speed – not what the machine was designed to do, but what you can get out of it – and your web keeps wrinkling due to poor tension control. Or perhaps every time the temperature outside rises above 80 degrees the line […]

EDC’s Remote Monitoring Projects Streamline Operations and Avoid Costly Downtime

Recently, EDC has completed a number of diverse projects featuring remote monitoring systems.  From a golf course to a power plant to a traditional manufacturing facility, remote monitoring systems can streamline operations and help avoid costly downtime while providing a quick return on investment. Remote Monitoring for Golf Course Watering Systems The Wild Turkey Golf […]

Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. Provides Successful Energy Efficiency Upgrade with Harmonic Mitigation for Major Jersey City Commercial Property

EDC acted as general contractor, providing the electrical design, installation services, harmonic mitigation and analysis for an upscale waterfront commercial property in Jersey City. Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. (EDC), a leading control systems integrator and field service company for industrial automation and variable frequency drive (VFD) technology, today announced the company has successfully completed […]

Project Profile: Single Loop Slitter with New Tension Stand

Click to view gallery of larger pictures. Old Equipment: GE 90-70 PLC with Genius Module Remote IO GE DC Drives   New Equipment: Siemens 1500 PLC Siemens ET-200SP Remote IO Siemens 15"+7" Confortpanel Siemens 6RA80 DC Drive (DCM) Siemens S120 Drives system for tension stand   Reasons for Upgrade Obsolete Hardware Functionality Improvements Upgrade Tension [...]

Envelope Converting Machine Control and Drive System Upgrade

Downtime Resolved and Operator Control Simplified   “We are very happy with our recent control system upgrade to the packing list envelope line. The equipment operates much better than it used to. EDC’s engineering team communicated with us extensively during the project to really understand our needs. This included streamlining the controls with advanced technology […]

Reducing Energy Consumption Through VFDs

If reducing your energy bill wasn’t enough to have you improving efficiency… boy, has the New York City Council lit an environmentally-friendly fire under the building industry’s motivation!  As part of NYC’s recently passed Climate Mobilization Act, large commercial buildings will be required to cut emissions 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, with expensive […]

EDC Service Spotlight: Eric Dillard

EDC Service Specialist Eric Dillard is a third generation Dillard working in the family business helping to keep his grandfather’s legacy alive and thriving 50 years after it all started! Eric loves his work with the family business as he noted, “There’s nothing better than seeing your Grandma at work!” A day at work in the life of Eric Dillard is anything but typical; it’s […]

A Custom HVAC Vibration Safety Solution for a Large Commercial Property

EDC has worked with many high-profile buildings in NYC for decades and has the necessary security clearances to access sensitive facilities.  This is a case study of one client with whom we worked to create a custom solution to a potentially very dangerous problem. Problem: A prominent commercial property in NYC was periodically experiencing severe […]

EDC Repairs “Unfixable” Elevator VFD, Saving Customer 90%

  For facility managers, an elevator being down is always an annoying issue to deal with. But when that elevator is one of just two in a major pharmaceutical headquarters’ 6-story parking garage serving multiple office buildings, the inconvenience for facility occupants’ commute exasperates the annoyance exponentially. This is exactly the situation Ken Prokop, facility […]

Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. Celebrates 50-Year Anniversary

Electronic Drives and Controls thanks loyal employees, customers and partners in celebration of a half century of providing innovative control system integration solutions and field service work for industrial automation and drive technology. Parsippany, NJ – October 23, 2018 – Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. (EDC), a leading control system integrator and field service company for […]

Traverse Spool Winder Mechanical and Control System Upgrade Results in 40% Productivity Gain

Updated December 18, 2023: Below is an example of a project we completed five years ago. We were thrilled to hear from Maintenance Manager at Miller Company, Scott Wasel, that our solution is still running at peak efficiency and becomes more valuable by the day. “I’m happy to report that our collaboration with EDC continues […]

Electronic Drives and Controls to Share Building HVAC Automation Expertise in May 8 Presentation at BuildingsNY 2018 Conference

Engineering Consultant Bob Pusateri of Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. will share best practices for installation and maintenance of energy-efficient variable frequency drives (VFD) to maximize building owners’ utility cost savings over the life of HVAC systems.

Electronic Drives and Controls to Share Building HVAC Automation Expertise in May 8 Presentation at BuildingsNY 2018 Conference

Engineering Consultant Bob Pusateri of Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. will share best practices for installation and maintenance of energy-efficient variable frequency drives (VFD) to maximize building owners’ utility cost savings over the life of HVAC systems. Parsippany, NJ –May 6, 2018 – Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. (EDC), a leading control system integrator and field […]