Here’s what a few of EDC’s customers have said…

We don’t have anybody on deck who can provide tech support for PLC software programming and associated hardware that we use to control our manufacturing process. We feel it’s really important to have an expert, value-added, and cost-effective partner that can assist us both remotely and if needed, come on site for issues that come up. EDC has filled that role for us at Itaconix. The individuals we have worked with have been very professional and nice to work with. We especially appreciated EDC’s responsiveness and expertise this past week when we experienced a power loss and the plant had a hard shutdown; we could not get production started up afterwards. EDC was able to remotely diagnose the problem and had the part on hand to expedite getting us up and running at full capacity.

-Helen Crane, Vice President of Operations

With our older machinery, EDC often had to reverse engineer everything to get what we needed and they did. When we upgraded the equipment, EDC backed it up with great support. After the upgrades, the equipment ran faster and better and was able to do heavy-duty materials. Before, it would probably take you about two to three months of training to run the equipment. Now, you can learn it in three weeks. Their communication and documentation on the project was 100%; they give you two copies of everything. EDC has a broad spectrum of guys that can do the job; they have the experience. If the tech on site doesn’t know the answer, they call someone. You’re not only getting one tech, you’re getting the whole group of people from the company. That’s a huge advantage. EDC is a one-stop shop; that’s what they do.

-Michael Grenz, Operations Manager

We are proud to have Electronic Drives and Controls as a Siemens Solution Partner! ED&C has consistently proven that we can always count on them to deliver quality engineering and implementation services, the first time, every time, for our clients. Their investment to train and certify their engineers in SINAMICS drives and SIMATIC totally integrated automation is one of many reasons Siemens views ED&C as a leader in their market.

-Peter Treible, Siemens National Solution Partner Manager

We have been working together for 20-plus years and have established a strong professional relationship. EDC has always come through for us for all of our drive work – for maintenance, malfunctions and VFD upgrades / VFD replacements – and restored our systems accordingly. EDC has consistently given us good, cost-effective options to get our operations back online again.

-Ken Prokop, Facility Manager at Novartis Headquarters

Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc is a valued supplier of drive applications and service to us. We have had nothing but outstanding results in our dealings with them. EDC has a thorough understanding of both the inner workings of VFD’s and their application in Air Handlers, Chill Water Pumps and Cooling Tower Fans.

-Richard Johnson, Project Engineer/Construction Manager

Our lab machine was a mish-mash of old temperature controllers, dials, knobs and meters.  EDC came in a gave us a panel with a new PLC and a color touch screen with all 8 heater zones integrated into one spot. The turn-around was quick and they trained all our guys.  I wish we had another machine for them!

-Julie Watt, Product Research Lab Manager

EDC has been retrofitting equipment for us for 12 years – everything from major PLC retrofits to replacing a main drawing motor and drive.  They are an integral part of our company and success.

-Rod Millington, Plant Manager

We’ve used EDC since 1999, and have been very happy with the consistent high-quality service we have come to expect from them. For years we’ve had no problems and so many times their engineers solved our problems and pulled us out of the fire. Like during the flood, we called them in the middle of the night and they came out right away!

-Ernie DeGraw, Plant Superintendent, Engineered Solutions Corporation

We always knew EDC specializes in VFDs, but through our many years of working with them, we have found their team is very versatile whether we are having a problem with pumps, motors, etc., they know exactly what they are doing and it really sets them apart from everyone else.

-Nick Stein, Maintenance Supervisor, Engineered Solutions Corporation