Project Profile: Adhesive Coating Line Upgrade

Holland Manufacturing contracted with EDC to upgrade their coating line that applies the adhesive to the reinforced backing for their Reinforced Water Activated Tape. Working with Todd Holland, EDC updated the machine that was developed by his grandfather, Holland’s founder and machine designer in the 1960’s. EDC provided a state of the art drive and control system to remove the Motor-Generator Set single motor driver of the machine, and supply Rockwell control hardware and custom-designed mechanical upgrades to coordinate and control independent drives for much-improved product quality and consistency.

The project needed to be broken down into two phases. It started by calculating how the drive power should be distributed to each independently driven section. We then did the mechanical design to adapt the motor, gearbox, and power transmission hardware into each section. Interviews with process engineers and operators gave assurance that we incorporated all of their wishes into our design. The drive system was sized to easily install the phase 2 drives at a later date. We incorporated recipes to load the ideal running parameters at the push of a button. Sections could be run in coordinated speed draw or tension modes.

Installation and start-up was provided “turn-key”. EDC provided Electricians, Millrights, and Field engineers to remove the line shaft and install control cabinets, conduit, power transmission, operator stations, load cells and guarding. Holland commented on how the installation was “Beautiful and went faster than we could have expected”. Drives were speed matched and closed-loop regulators were turned on. The line was producing saleable product 5 days after the commencement of demolition.


Months later, we added 3 new drive sections with a custom-designed weldment, gearboxes, chains, belts, pulleys, and guarding to drive the coater. Again, the installation was fast and fully operational in 4 days. This project was both fun and challenging. It allowed us to participate in the growth and success of Holland Manufacturing while demonstrating our turn-key design and installation capabilities.