Control System Upgrade Cuts Waste, Saves Chip Maker Money

In this blog post we are sharing how a manufacturer of premium potato chips resolved an unacceptable amount of food waste in the manufacturing process.

A premium potato chip manufacturing company had grown substantially since the company openeElectronic Drives and Controls potato chip control system upgraded nearly 3 decades ago. As the company grew its product line and volume, its founding passion for creating delicious, top-quality chips remained the highest priority. Top-quality demands high standards. With aging equipment in its plant, the company was struggling with a rising waste percentage resulting in lost revenue.

After evaluating the current equipment and manufacturing process, EDC recommended upgrading and consolidating the older fryer equipment’s control system to resolve the quality control problem.  Check out our case study (LINK) to find out how the customer was able to increase overall production by 50% and reduce waste percentages.  If you are interested in learning how a control system upgrade can help your facility please contact us, we are here to help!

Click here to read the entire case study.