EDC: A Growing Force in System Integration

Explore how Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC) secures its position among System Integrator Giants through unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustained excellence in system integration.

The realm of system integration is a competitive arena, demanding excellence, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC) continues to make significant strides in this space. This year marks another achievement for EDC as they secure a place once again on the prestigious 2023 System Integrator Giants list presented by CFE Media and Technology, showcasing their consistent excellence in the field.

Securing the 64th position on this list is a testament to EDC’s continued success. EDC has demonstrated a consistent growth rate averaging 10% annually. Their expertise in both coating and laminating, and wire and cable systems has been instrumental in their sustained growth over the years.

Understanding EDC’s Success

When reflecting on their inclusion on the list of SI Giants, EDC leadership expressed great excitement, attributing a big part of their success to an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their dedication goes beyond project completion—it’s about fostering enduring relationships built on trust and reliability. Chuck Dillard, when interviewed for this piece, was actually at a client’s factory replacing some equipment that EDC installed way back in 1995, perfectly encapsulating EDC’s ethos of being a trusted, long-term partner to their clients. Customer satisfaction is their cornerstone and it’s what drives repeat business and nurtures long-term partnerships. This approach has helped them build trust, secure repeat business, and stand out among the best in the System Integrator Giants list.

Their affiliation with the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) has also played a pivotal role in EDC’s success, acting as a catalyst towards a higher level of operations. Chuck highlighted this transition, noting that while membership provided direction, and “Certification holds us accountable, triggering a cultural shift in our company.” He emphasized that, “Once certified, we began implementing and adhering to the documented standards.” 

The move from relying on ‘tribal knowledge’ to embracing documented standards expedited growth and enhanced operational efficiency at EDC. “CSIA’s certification not only standardized our processes but also instilled a culture of accountability and excellence within EDC,” said Chuck. This shift laid the foundation for sustained growth and solidified EDC’s position among the System Integrator Giants.

Overcoming Challenges and Innovating

While making the list was a great success for 2023, the year wasn’t without its challenges, the most notable of which was the parts shortage amid supply chain disruptions. However, in a collaborative effort between EDC’s purchasing and engineering departments adeptly navigated these hurdles, creating workarounds and ensuring seamless business operations even amid the scarcity. Their ability to grow during this period was commendable and spoke volumes about their resilience.

Insights from EDC

Being recognized among the System Integrator Giants serves as more than just a milestone; it’s a morale booster for the entire EDC team. Chuck highlighted its impact, stating, “It reminds us that we are part of something bigger. We contribute to something really important in the world.”

EDC’s advice for aspiring System Integrator Giants revolves around the paramount importance of customer satisfaction. He stressed the value of maintaining customer satisfaction as the linchpin of business success, urging others to prioritize it above all else.  Chuck emphasized, “Your customers are your greatest asset.” 

Reinvestment emerged as a pivotal principle driving EDC’s success. Chuck’s advice echoed a philosophy of steady growth through prudent reinvestment rather than mere profit-seeking. “We have always reinvested back into EDC as a company, and it has made all the difference.” 

Future Plans and Commitment

EDC’s continued inclusion on the list of SI Giants signifies a momentous achievement for 2023, but their journey doesn’t end here; it marks the beginning of their commitment to continued growth, anchored in quality, customer-centricity, and prudent reinvestment. As Chuck eloquently summarized, “Some Giants become top-heavy and topple over. That won’t be us.” EDC is poised to be a shining example of sustainable growth, forging a legacy in the domain of system integration. Contact us today to explore our services.