Project Profile: Single Loop Slitter with New Tension Stand

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Old Equipment:

  • GE 90-70 PLC with Genius Module Remote IO
  • GE DC Drives


New Equipment:

  • Siemens 1500 PLC
  • Siemens ET-200SP Remote IO
  • Siemens 15″+7″ Confortpanel
  • Siemens 6RA80 DC Drive (DCM)
  • Siemens S120 Drives system for tension stand


Reasons for Upgrade

  • Obsolete Hardware
  • Functionality Improvements
    • Upgrade Tension Stand to allow for plated material to be slit, added loop control with sensor to have automatic depth control.



  • EDC installed the new control upgrade while a section of the Machine was being modified by K&S Machinery.
  • EDC helped remove and rewire the removed section.
  • Did a partial startup on the sections that were remaining to reduce customer downtime once the tension stand section was finished.
  • While adding new controls for the modified tension stand section, EDC upgraded the PLC and existing 2x DC drives to state-of-the-art Siemens hardware.
    • Added loop sensor so operator does not have to manually control the loop depth to keep material in the pit
    • Created intuitive screens for easy control for the operator/easy troubleshooting for maintenance
    • Upgraded all communication to Profinet
    • Added remote connectivity
    • New line speed display to the system
    • Combined 4 separate feeds into the machine to one common feed for the whole machine.