EDC Showcases Expertise at Wire Expo 2024: Leading Innovations in Wire & Cable Manufacturing

May 02, 2024

Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC) will exhibit at booth 206 at this year’s Wire Expo, on June 11-12, 2024 at the Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort in Uncasville, Connecticut, US. The main biennial event organized by the Wire Association International (WAI) serves as the premier platform for industry insights on wire manufacturing.   With extensive knowledge […]

EDC: A Growing Force in System Integration

Jan 29, 2024

Explore how Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC) secures its position among System Integrator Giants through unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustained excellence in system integration. The realm of system integration is a competitive arena, demanding excellence, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC) continues to make significant […]

EDC Engineers to Share Coating and Laminating Expertise at 2024 ICEC Converting Show in Orlando

Jan 01, 2024

EDC will exhibit at booth #617 during the 2024 ICEC Converting Show, January 9-11, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, where they will engage with industry professionals and showcase innovative solutions for the converting manufacturing sector. Parsippany, NJ – January 3, 2023 – Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. (EDC), a leading control […]

EDC Builds Customized Siemens 1250 HP Drive Solution, Shaving 10 Months off Delivery Time

Dec 14, 2023

With the closing of a Siemens factory in Pennsylvania that previously built custom large 480 VAC, 200+ horsepower drives, this article showcases EDC’s capability to fill the gap for U.S. manufacturers. Collaborating with Siemens distributor Shingle & Gibb, EDC provided a custom-designed large-scale Siemens drive solution to a manufacturer with delivery in just eight months […]

Electronic Drives and Controls Earns Prestigious CSIA Certification, Exemplifying Excellence in Control System Integration

Dec 04, 2023

Electronic Drives and Controls successfully renews its CSIA benchmark certification, reaffirming their commitment to maintaining the highest level of technical and business performance standards in delivering innovative control system integration solutions for industrial automation and drive technology. Parsippany, NJ – December 5, 2023 – Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. (EDC), a leading control system integrator […]

Elevating Safety and Efficiency: Success in Machine Control Modernization

Nov 30, 2023

EDC recently modernized a foam production line for a client that specializes in the development and production of advanced wound care materials, enhancing safety features without extensive control system changes. Key safety components, including a door access interlock, a cable operated switch and emergency stop buttons, were integrated with a new safety controller. The project […]

Dave Radford, Longtime EDC Employee Retires

Jul 19, 2023

When Dave Radford started his career as a Drive Service Engineer in 1993, many of EDC’s current employees were not yet even born. Variable frequency drive (VFD) technology was just starting to take a foothold in the manufacturing sector and many PLCs that were released then have long been obsolete. EDC was a smaller entity […]

Revolutionizing Automation: Insights from Bob Pusateri on the Changing Role of Control System Integrators

Jul 19, 2023

Electronic Drives and Controls is excited to announce that Bob Pusateri, Director of Business Development at EDC, recently made a notable appearance on a Plant Services podcast titled “The changing role of control system integrators in the automation industry.” In this insightful discussion, Bob Pusateri, along with two other seasoned professionals and host Tom Wilk, […]

Amid Supply Chain Shortages, Facility Managers Leverage Preventive Maintenance Services to Avoid HVAC Downtime

May 03, 2023

If you are a building owner or facility maintenance engineer feeling the pains of the ongoing supply chain shortages, the cost and delays of replacing Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) replacement parts, or the inability to control motor speed to keep your building’s HVAC system running at peak efficiency, EDC’s preventive maintenance services can help. Due […]

Electronic Drives & Controls, Inc. to Showcase Innovative Solutions for the Wire and Cable Industry at 2023 Interwire Trade Exposition

Apr 18, 2023

EDC will exhibit at booth #1259 May 9-11 during the 2023 Interwire Trade Exposition, organized by The Wire Association International (WAI), to connect with wire and cable professionals and to share leading-edge solutions to industry pain points.  Parsippany, NJ – April 18, 2023 – Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. (EDC), a leading control system integrator […]

Case Study – Modernizing a Cable Fabrication Line with Supportable Parts and Equipment for Better Operation, Data Collection, and Performance Features

Feb 24, 2023

The oil and gas industry utilizes equipment and components that must perform and endure in harsh environments such as the ocean, underground, weather, and other adverse conditions.  It is crucial that all equipment or materials used in such operations meet the highest quality standards and specifications.  While many companies outsource the fabrication of large power […]

Continuing a 41 Year-Long Tradition: the Latest on the Notorious EDC Calendar!

Feb 13, 2023

Started back in 1981, every year Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC) releases a new wall calendar. The first year they were printed, EDC gave out 150 copies. What started as a fun piece of marketing collateral to hand out like pens and hats quickly turned into a massive yearly production. The calendars have been incredibly […]

Resolutions to Common Wire and Cable Pain Points In Informative New Website Page

Nov 16, 2022

With industry-leading knowledge and 50 years of expertise, Electronic Drives and Controls authored a new website page to help you advance your wire and cable lines and deliver attainable solutions to current and future issues you may face. As you may know, operating a wire or cable production line can be complex and daunting. As […]

Overcoming Supply Chain Issues in Automation Through Flexibility

Oct 24, 2022

Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, supply chain issues have been on everyone’s mind. It’s a universal problem that is not industry exclusive and has progressively gotten worse in 2022 as demand has soared. The automation industry today seems to be at its wit’s end. Everyone needs parts, but parts aren’t available. Deadlines are […]

Coating and Laminating Website Page Delivers Educational Content for Manufacturers Across the Country

Oct 01, 2022

Electronic Drives and Controls recently published a new website page on everything you need to know on coating and laminating as a manufacturer.  Whether your machine is facing an issue (or multiple), not running at full speed, producing lower quality work than expected, or maybe just needs an upgrade and you’re not sure where to […]

Case Study – From Old to New: Modifying a Legacy Dual Textile Spray Line into an Efficient Machine with Doubled Throughput

Sep 15, 2022

Heytex, a brand of the German-based Heytex Bramsche GmbH, is a global developer and manufacturer of high-quality technical textiles. Their portfolio includes sophisticated and unique products fabricated and engineered using complex textile technology, such as signage, banners, boats, sales, barriers, and other technical textile products for a variety of customers. Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC), […]

Electronic Drives and Controls Field Service Engineer Scott Sullivan Featured in Webcast

Sep 14, 2022

Congratulations are in order to Electronic Drives and Controls Field Service Engineer Scott Sullivan who joined CFE Media and Technology for a VFD Technology focused webcast on September 14, 2022. Find the full webcast here! Sullivan has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and specializes in the application of variable speed drive (VFD) technology and on-site field […]

Electronic Drives and Controls Host Successful ABB Drive Expo

Aug 27, 2022

EDC hosted the ABB Drive Expo in late August 2022, which featured VFD technology, industry experts, local food and drink vendors, and a free CEU/PDH class highlighting the advanced ACQ pump drive. As a system integrator and field service team specializing in over 40 drive brands, Electronic Drives & Controls (EDC) is always excited to […]

EDC Supports Local Charities Through American Legion Golf Outing

Jun 21, 2022

Electronic Drives and Controls continues to actively support local charities by sponsoring and participating in the American Legion Post 86’s 3rd Annual Golf Outing in Montague, NJ. Electronic Drives and Controls was a proud sponsor of American Legion Post 86’s 3rd Annual Golf Outing at High Point Country Club on Thursday, June 9, 2022. EDC […]

EDC’s Remote Monitoring Projects Streamline Operations and Avoid Costly Downtime

May 11, 2022

Recently, EDC has completed a number of diverse projects featuring remote monitoring systems.  From a golf course to a power plant to a traditional manufacturing facility, remote monitoring systems can streamline operations and help avoid costly downtime while providing a quick return on investment. Remote Monitoring for Golf Course Watering Systems The Wild Turkey Golf […]

When the Water Breaks, You Better Have a Deep Bench

May 04, 2022
Unexpected hiccups don’t only come from debugging and equipment delays.  A recent project hit a series of inopportune personal events at a critical moment, but installation finished smoothly (and on time!) due to careful planning and EDC’s deep bench. EDC was performing a major controls overhaul on an early 1980’s Prandi Coating Line for ADM, [...]

Featured in Processing Magazine, EDC Discusses Upgrading to Digital Controls

Apr 20, 2022

In a recent issue of Processing Magazine, Bob Pusateri wrote an article entitled “Is it Time to Abandon Your Analog Controls?” Even if legacy analog controls are still running your manufacturing process, upgrading to digital can be a game changer, says Bob Pusateri, Director of Business Development at Electronic Drives and Controls.   Why Should […]

Parsippany Sanitary Sewer Utility Gives a Customer’s Perspective on Preventive Maintenance Services Provided by EDC

Feb 16, 2022

In a recent customer interview conducted by an independent third party, Steve Vetrero, the operations supervisor at Parsippany, NJ’s 9 million-gallon-per-day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant discusses his plant’s operations and how EDC saves the municipality money and is a critical partner in keeping the facility running at peak performance.    Background The Parsippany Sanitary Sewer […]

Case Study – Upgrading an Obsolete Coating Line

Nov 11, 2021

PROJECT SUMMARY A specialty media print company was having issues with one of their tape coating lines. The line had obsolete equipment as far as the eye could see. As problems with the line arose over the years, the issues were resolved with a quick fix rather than fixing the root cause. This triggered a […]

Spotlight: Zack Fischer

Oct 28, 2021

Zack Fischer has been with Electronic Drives and Controls for almost 8 years, starting with the Drives Service team in October of 2013, and then moving over to the Systems Integration team in 2016. Asked about how Zack started in Service, Chuck Dillard, vice president of EDC, said, “He took the initiative to buy his […]

3 Recent Manufacturing Intelligence Projects

Oct 19, 2021

Several manufacturers have reached out to us recently wanting to implement Manufacturing Intelligence in their facility.  This has been called lots of different names – Industry 4.0, IIoT, cloud computing, etc. – but we don’t care much for just the next trendy topic, or implementing new tech just for the sake of it.  What’s interesting […]

7 Common Problems with Slitting Machines in the Metals Industry

Jul 15, 2021

Having decades of experience helping clients in the metals industry, our engineering team knows the slitting line process inside-out and are experts in automation and control system technology specific to the industry. Typically, when we start with one slitting line retrofit, the success of that first project leads to retrofits of their Metals converting equipment […]

5 Controls-Based Causes of Scrap

Jul 02, 2021

Often, when people think about causes of scrap, they think about something like a damaged fixture, or worn-out tooling. Those examples are both mechanical issues, and can contribute to a large amount of scrap being generated in a system. Now the real question is, are there any other areas that can contribute to scrap? The […]

EDC Earns High Marks for VFD Preventive Maintenance and Service from Chief Engineer at Premier NYC Commercial Office Building

Apr 26, 2021

In a client interview conducted by an independent third party, Chief Engineer of 52 Broadway, Kevin Ridder spoke about the challenges of managing a New York City high-rise commercial office building and how working with EDC, an expert VFD full-service provider, has given him peace of mind. As the first line of communication when it […]

Project Profile: Adhesive Coating Line Upgrade

Sep 14, 2020
Holland Manufacturing contracted with EDC to upgrade their coating line that applies the adhesive to the reinforced backing for their Reinforced Water Activated Tape. Working with Todd Holland, EDC updated the machine that was developed by his grandfather, Holland’s founder and machine designer in the 1960’s. EDC provided a state of the art drive and [...]

How To: Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLC-5 to ControlLogix Conversion

Jul 17, 2020

Electronic Drives and Controls, a nationwide recognized Rockwell Automation systems integrator showcases a real-life Allen-Bradley PLC-5 to ControlLogix conversion in the video below.  Using this space-saving kit allows the upgrade to exist in the same footprint and with minimal rewiring. Follow along with the directions below. Equipment shown in this tutorial: Conversion base plate I/O […]

Battery Manufacturer Case Study – Siemens S210 Servo Drive

Jun 03, 2020

Not all systems integrators are created equal.  Apart from raw talent within the organization, the industry concentration of the firms varies. Some are good at process control; some specialize in food and beverage and others are adept at creating customized assembly machines, like what may be employed to assemble a ballpoint pen.  While EDC has […]

A Custom Solution for a Food Paper Manufacturer

May 05, 2020

EDC recently worked with a customer that had a desire to increase productivity, automate processes, and cut down on the cost of labor. Let’s take a look at their case study and how EDC was able to help them achieve their goals, stay on the cutting edge of technology, and take their company to the […]

We are a VFD and PLC Critical Services Provider

Mar 31, 2020

Dear valued clients and partners, In light of coronavirus or COVID-19, I am reaching out to reassure you that we qualify as a Critical Services Provider. As such, Electronic Drives and Controls is fully staffed with 12 Service Engineers available 24/7/365 to service your PLC and VFD needs by calling 973-428-0500. Ensuring business vitality is […]

Project Profile: Single Loop Slitter with New Tension Stand

Feb 13, 2020
Click to view gallery of larger pictures. Old Equipment: GE 90-70 PLC with Genius Module Remote IO GE DC Drives   New Equipment: Siemens 1500 PLC Siemens ET-200SP Remote IO Siemens 15"+7" Confortpanel Siemens 6RA80 DC Drive (DCM) Siemens S120 Drives system for tension stand   Reasons for Upgrade Obsolete Hardware Functionality Improvements Upgrade Tension [...]

Our Newly Designed Calendars

Jan 16, 2020

  The 40th edition of our calendar has a new look!  Featuring our fleet of at-the-ready service vehicles and with clearly marked weekends, this year’s calendar will be gracing your office walls with a bit more style as well as function.  You can read about this popular tradition when we gave the story behind the […]

Controls upgrade boosts machine productivity 40%

Nov 12, 2019

In the metals industry, converting lines change the size and shape of metal alloys strips, including copper. As the product moves through machines, speed must be carefully controlled. Depending on the process, product velocity on one end of the roll of metal can vary considerably from the other end. One recent machine retrofit of machine […]

Reducing Energy Consumption Through VFDs

Aug 06, 2019

If reducing your energy bill wasn’t enough to have you improving efficiency… boy, has the New York City Council lit an environmentally-friendly fire under the building industry’s motivation!  As part of NYC’s recently passed Climate Mobilization Act, large commercial buildings will be required to cut emissions 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, with expensive […]

A Drive Service Call We Planned for During The Reagan Administration

Jul 18, 2019

Earlier this year, we received a service request that was both unusual and came about completely by design. The call was coming from over 1,000 miles away from our New Jersey facility – in Florida.  The customer had a custom drive that we had built over 30 years ago – and it was still in […]

EDC Service Spotlight: Eric Dillard

Jun 17, 2019

EDC Service Specialist Eric Dillard is a third generation Dillard working in the family business helping to keep his grandfather’s legacy alive and thriving 50 years after it all started! Eric loves his work with the family business as he noted, “There’s nothing better than seeing your Grandma at work!” A day at work in the life of Eric Dillard is anything but typical; it’s […]

A Custom HVAC Vibration Safety Solution for a Large Commercial Property

May 28, 2019

EDC has worked with many high-profile buildings in NYC for decades and has the necessary security clearances to access sensitive facilities.  This is a case study of one client with whom we worked to create a custom solution to a potentially very dangerous problem. Problem: A prominent commercial property in NYC was periodically experiencing severe […]

Things to Consider When Selecting a Systems Integrator

May 14, 2019

Are you asking enough of the right questions when choosing a systems integrator to modify your critical systems? Simply asking whether someone is familiar with the hardware and software is not enough. Do they know my application? Is there a production schedule to assure on-time delivery? Is the software robust? Do they have complete control […]

EDC Supports Local Charities Through Golf Tournament

May 03, 2019

  Electronic Drives and Controls is a sponsor of the first annual golf tournament held by American Legion Post 86 in Newton, NJ.  The company is sponsoring hole competitions for most accurate drive, closest to the pin, and longest drive in the tournament. On Friday, May 10, 2019, the tournament will be held at the […]

Seeking Experts in Control Techniques, Emerson, or Nidec Drives/Motors?

Apr 23, 2019

EDC believes in investing in continuing professional development; keeping employees educated with the latest VFD and automation technology advances of the more than 40 brands we service and are factory trained and/or authorized on is a top priority. We appreciate the dedication and commitment our employees show in upholding our high standards. Our EDC service […]

EDC Systems Spotlight: Shawn Leichliter

Mar 18, 2019

Meet Shawn Leichliter, EDC Systems group’s dedicated engineering manager.  Shawn has been an integral part of the EDC team for a decade and a half; celebrating his 15-year anniversary with the company in May 2019.  Chosen for the spotlight by the executive team, Shawn is described as an intelligent, logical, and hard-working employee who puts […]

Control System Upgrade Cuts Waste, Saves Chip Maker Money

Mar 13, 2019

In this blog post we are sharing how a manufacturer of premium potato chips resolved an unacceptable amount of food waste in the manufacturing process. A premium potato chip manufacturing company had grown substantially since the company opened nearly 3 decades ago. As the company grew its product line and volume, its founding passion for […]

An Annealing Upgrade Cuts Waste and Improves Quality for Wire Manufacturer

Mar 11, 2019

A high-end wire and cable manufacturer in Connecticut had several older Syncro wire drawing lines with continuous-resistance annealing.  Some of the lines had a fixed voltage process consisting of a contactor, transformer, and manually-set voltage taps while others had variable voltage supplies.  With fixed voltage, the annealing process cannot begin until the line is at […]

EDC Repairs “Unfixable” Elevator VFD, Saving Customer 90%

Jan 04, 2019

  For facility managers, an elevator being down is always an annoying issue to deal with. But when that elevator is one of just two in a major pharmaceutical headquarters’ 6-story parking garage serving multiple office buildings, the inconvenience for facility occupants’ commute exasperates the annoyance exponentially. This is exactly the situation Ken Prokop, facility […]

Popularity Soars for Annual EDC Wall Calendar, 38th Edition Coming Soon

Dec 14, 2018

Dane Radford, son of an EDC employee, was recently at the bus transfer station in Secaucus, NJ, and on the wall in the back of the ticket office was a 2018 EDC wall calendar. “I asked the ticket agent where the calendar came from, because EDC doesn’t work with New Jersey Transit at this location,” […]

EDC Welcomes Tom Frangieh and Anthony Fasolo

Nov 02, 2018

Our team is growing!  We would like to introduce a couple of new faces you will be seeing on the Systems Team at Electronic Drives and Controls (EDC). “We are very excited to have Tom Frangieh and Anthony Fasolo join the EDC team, both bring unique talents and skillsets which will help our team meet […]

Spare Equipment Needs Maintenance Too

Aug 29, 2018

Failure to maintain spare equipment can cost you money and downtime, as well as being a safety issue. Blog post by Scott Sullivan, electrical engineer at Electronic Drives and Controls who specializes in on-site field service of AC drives. Nobody likes downtime. In industry, you lose money every minute that product isn’t going through a […]

A NYC Building with No A/C in the Middle of a Summertime Heat Wave!

Aug 09, 2018

On June 13th 2018 EDC received a worried call from Jack Resnick + Sons’ Chief Engineer Scott Stefanski, with a problem on the company’s property, One Seaport Plaza in New York City. Scott had discovered that the drive powering the building’s lobby air conditioning had gotten wet and was destroyed. As the heat in the […]

Behind the Scenes of EDC Emergency Services with Service Manager, Gregg Martin and Service Coordinator, Sal Zannino

Jul 26, 2018

Ever have a damaged VFD, PLC, or HVAC affect your business’ operations? Ever experience costly downtime due to equipment failure? Ever have this happen on Christmas Eve during the night shift in the middle of a snowstorm? We know this feeling. We understand the detrimental impact any of these situations could cause to the operations […]

When the Problem Isn’t the Motor, It Doesn’t Mean It’s the Drive

Jul 11, 2018

Blog post by Scott Sullivan, electrical engineer at Electronic Drives and Controls who specializes in on-site field service of AC drives. Recently, I was called in to troubleshoot a customer’s air handler drive. This particular unit was blowing fuses on its input from the main line. The customer’s in-house electrician correctly determined that something was […]

Film Coating Line Downtime Resolved with EDC’s Successful Drives & Controls Upgrade Using Rockwell Automation Products

Jun 26, 2018

Manufacturers across the country are faced with the challenges of costly downtime related to aging equipment with obsolete drives and control systems. At some point, trying to patch and repair outdated systems becomes unrealistic. The good news is that investing in new advanced drive and control system technology can breathe new life into your equipment […]

Traverse Spool Winder Mechanical and Control System Upgrade Results in 40% Productivity Gain

May 09, 2018

Updated December 18, 2023: Below is an example of a project we completed five years ago. We were thrilled to hear from Maintenance Manager at Miller Company, Scott Wasel, that our solution is still running at peak efficiency and becomes more valuable by the day. “I’m happy to report that our collaboration with EDC continues […]

Top 4 Reasons to Implement a Control System Preventive Maintenance Program

Mar 22, 2018

What is Preventive Maintenance? Preventive Maintenance (PM) is a program designed to maintain optimal function of your control systems (Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), PLCs, etc.) in real time while also preventing deterioration and failure in the future. With regularly scheduled maintenance, PM allows users to realize the greatest return on their investment. How does Preventive […]

BOMA NY Members Wowed by One World Trade Center

Feb 27, 2018

Last month, the Building Owners Management Association (BOMA) of New York hosted their first off-site Brunch N’ Learn at One World Trade Center, highlighting the latest technology in vertical transportation from ThyssenKrupp Elevator. Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. (EDC) has been a BOMA, NY member for 11 years.  EDC’s Deborah Deluca, Vice President, serves as […]