Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention

Electronic Drives and Controls’ VFD Preventive Maintenance Program is  designed to address your multiple requirement for

Uninterrupted service, and Economical operating costs.

Your EDC representative will show you supporting documentation proving the benefits of preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance works

Quality Guarantee

Your PM is performed by bona fide front-line field service engineers. The best person to PM a drive is a person who is trained and experienced in drive repair.—who can effectively and efficiently target and eliminate small drive issues before they develop into full-blown drive failures and costly downtime.

EDC provides “Genuine” PM service.

EDC is brand neutral: No distribution agreements. When you buy a PM from Electronic Drives and Controls, you get a qualified PM.

The real thing.

Honest value for your PM dollar.

Bad news comes in threes:

The three biggest mistakes in PMs

You choose a company that is cheap. They dust off the drive but don’t really do a qualified PM. Your drive fails.

You choose an electrical or electronic all-purpose company. If they see a problem, or think they see a problem, they usually way overshoot the parts diagnosed.  You spend too much money.

You choose a company that works real cheap but they don’t know or don’t care about the PM. They are drive distributors and their real goal is to sell drives. They tell you the drive is beyond economical repair and “must be replaced.” You replace a drive that could have been repaired economically.