Slitting Line Controls Upgrades

EDC has extensive experience working with slitting lines in the metals industry. From working with OEM controls for brand new slitting lines to retrofitting legacy equipment, our team has worked on hundreds of slitters.

Vendors of Slitting Equipment EDC Can Upgrade

  • American Steel Products
  • Andritz
  • Delta Steel Technologies
  • Bradbury
  • Georg
  • Burghardt & Schmidt
  • Metal Conversion Systems (MCS)
  • Ruesch
  • Slitco
  • Loopco
  • Yoder
  • Stamco
  • Nobs
  • Paxson
  • Stanat
  • CoilPro (Coil Pro)
  • Cincinnati
  • Wean
  • Pro-Eco
  • Braner
  • Alcos
  • McKay
  • AKV
  • Herr-Voss
  • Torrington
  • Frohling
  • Red Bud


What does a control upgrade involve?

A precision slitter can last for many decades, but the controls are so much better now than they were when your line was built.  With a decent mechanical base, a retrofit can give you a nearly new machine.

While keeping the mechanical parts the same, control equipment can be upgraded to new technology such as updated HMIs (human machine interfaces), AC Vector and Servo drives, safety PLCs and other performance enhancements.  

Mechanical Components  (Usually Keep) Controls (Recommend Upgrading)
  • Uncoiler
  • Bridle
  • Precision slitter
  • Tension Stand
  • Recoiler
  • PLC (programmable logic controller)
  • HMI (human machine interface)
  • Remote I/O
  • Drives
  • Data collection and reporting


Benefits of Slitter Machine Controls Upgrades

Retrofitting your equipment can result in like-new machine for a fraction of the cost.  These new controls can result in a host of benefits.

  • Improve line speed
  • Improve tension control
    • More sensitive controls can improve the consistency in the tension control, resulting in a higher quality product.
  • Improve stability on dancer controls
  • Improve operator interface with 
    • contextual messaging
    • touch screens with process visualization 
    • set-up screens and recipes for product runs
  • Safety features such as 
    • Safety PLCs
    • Safety IO
    • Safe torque off (STO)
    • Safe speed
  • Simplify and reduce the cost of installation with remote IO



Reduce the requirement for experienced operators

With recipes built into the HMIs, your operators are not tasked with memorizing parameters for various products. Context can also be programmed into error messages on the HMIs, keeping operators from guessing the error.  For example, if a fault is detected, the reason for the fault can display on the screen. 

Increased Throughput

Reduced downtime due to legacy part failures, reduction of set-up times through built in recipes, and improved web control.

Improved Finished Product Quality

Using EDC’s time-tested and proven complex control algorithms to achieve the optimal web tension control at the unwind and rewind stations is key to attaining the highest quality end product free of burrs and other material imperfections.

Reduce Errors

With touch screens, contextual error messages, and embedded recipes, users contribute to far fewer errors. The reduced errors result in  reduced waste product and less wasted production time. Management can develop process parameters and save them as a recipe for product consistency. 

Reduce Waste

Reducing errors can drastically reduce waste, of course.  Upgrading controls can also maintain control during ramp up and ramp down, which leaves more usable product.

Improve Energy Efficiency

By upgrading the drives configured on a common DC Bus, we can reduce energy consumption through shared loading.

Mechanical Improvements

When needed, EDC is able to assist with mechanical upgrades such as gearbox retrofits, separation of mechanical links, horsepower upsizing and more.

Use Cases

Ruesch Sidewinder Retrofits For Slitting Lines

Slitting Of Coiled Metals

Case Study

Traverse Spool Winder Mechanical And Control System Upgrade Results In 40% Productivity Gain

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