EDC has performed hundreds of VFD and motor upgrades for industrial and commercial fans and pumps. You name the drive, EDC has done it. Whether you are expanding your process or are installing VFDs on older equipment, EDC’s  team of engineers and installers will make sure your project goes smoothly – AND help you with the rebate paperwork to ensure your project payback is even more attractive.

Commercial Building Upgrade

Commercial High Rise – EDC converted three outdated pump motors to inverter duty versions and added VFDs with a self-contained pressure control loop. Cost targets and logistics prohibited adding these drives to the building management system. Therefore, a creative hardware and software approach provided a solution that previously seemed unattainable. Local utility rebates and energy savings were the icing on the cake.

Women with shoes

As part of an energy savings initiative, Kohls Department Stores needed VFDs installed in stores nationwide. ABB’s ACH550 fan/pump VFD was utilized in a solution that required installation of hundreds of drives from Philadelphia to Bangor, Maine – in short order. EDC designed a circuit board to interface between the equipment’s controls and the VFD, created kits that featured pre-wired and assembled drives and mobilized a team of service technicians to perform the mechanical and electrical retrofits.  Kohls recognized the effectivenessof EDC’s  solution and ordered thousands more VFD kits for installation in their Midwest regions.  Have roof top units? EDC has a solution.

NYPA Cooling Hours

Do you have a cooling tower with two-speed motors or a system that uses a high and a low HP motor for various demand conditions? EDC has completed many cooling tower motor and drive upgrade projects in which a VFD was installed where there was none. Energy rebates are generous and help to reduce payback time. Ask about integrating Baldor’s direct drive cooling tower motor & drive solution.

Power Lines

Yes, even the power company can save energy!

New York Power Authority Motor & VFD Upgrade –  Three 200 HP two-speed cooling tower motors were retrofitted with inverter duty motors, variable frequency drives (VFDs), harmonic filters, a PLC and an HMI. This public works project called for a design and build and included EDC acting as a general contractor as well as VFD installation experts. Lead/lag capability was provided which spread the equipment load more evenly.  The result was significantly improved exit temperature control and IEEE-519 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) goals being exceeded.


An international manufacturer of fragrances and flavorings wanted to add VFDs and Lead/Lag control for their three cooling tower cells.  In addition, the touch screen operator interface was to be mounted in the control room hundreds of feet from the VFDs.  EDC customized a solution utilizing ABB ACH series fan drives, a Control Logix PLC and ethernet communications to a Panel View Plus HMI for remote control and set-up of the drive scheduling and temperature set point.


waste water treatment facility for a NJ municipality needed a retrofit for an outdated 125 hp soft start, VFD and bypass circuitry. EDC manufactured a pre-assembled controls panel and finished the wiring and installation on site with zero down time.  The new controls decreased the foot print, improved reliability and saved energy.

Sine Wave Before Active Filter

Drives can be a nasty source of electrical noise if not handled properly.  The IEEE-519 specification presents guidelines for acceptable harmonic levels based on an installation’s electrical load and utility conditions.  EDC has extensive knowledge and experience with projects in which reducing harmonics is key and can even provide pre and post-installation studies. Ask  about EDC’s work with active and passive harmonic filters from Transcoil (TCI), Rex, MTE, Schaffner and Telemechanique.