An EDC partner and VFFS machine builder manufactured a machine to drop the right amount of the iconic candy corns into small hand-out pouches.   EDC integrated Rockwell’s Compact Logix PLC and Kinetix 6000 series servos with a SERCOS network for high-speed multi-axis forming, filling, registration and sealing of the bags. Operators call up recipes for different sizes and filling combinations. A lot of technology goes into Halloween treats.

Do you have one of these “mature” PLCs:

Allen Bradley PLC 5, SLC500 (“Slick 500”)

Automation Direct 405 Series

Siemens S7-300, S7-400, S5, TI3/4/505

Is it time to upgrade? Maybe you’d like to get rid of all those knobs, dials and burned-out meters and consolidate everything into a color touch screen.  Electronic Drives & Controls has a team of automation engineers with years of experience helping customers upgrade their equipment.

At this customer, ten separate temperature controls and displays were consolidated into one PLC.  Operators now perform set ups, see actual temperatures and other process parameters on a user-friendly screen.  Integration of recipes makes changeover time even shorter.  All drives, controls and remote I/O communications are on one ethernet network.