Upgrade Your Aging 6SE70 to the State-of-the-art S120

Introduced in 1994, the Siemens 6SE70 MASTERDRIVE has no doubt been an industrial workhorse throughout the years. We know this because EDC has installed hundreds of them since they were first released. However, the MASTERDRIVES are approaching obsolescence and as of 2020 they will no longer be supported by Siemens. Replacement parts will be hard to find which could result in costly downtime.

Since the inception of the state-of-the-art Siemens SINAMICS S120 Vector/Servo Drive, EDC has performed numerous machine and line retrofits, utilizing this powerful platform. The migration of MASTERDRIVES to SINAMICS is not a lateral move – it is an advancement into new levels of efficiency and productivity.

As a Siemens Solution Partner, EDC has completed extensive training in the MASTERDRIVE-to-SINAMICS Migration Program. We have a team of engineers and technicians that are experts at converting MASTERDRIVES to S120 Drive systems.  EDC can help you make a smooth transition to a customized SINAMICS solution for your unique application, with minimal downtime and risk during the conversion.

Additionally, if your older SIMATIC TI, S5 or any other PLC needs a retrofit for similar reasons, EDC has the expertise to perform an S5-to-S7 PLC conversion as well. Contact us to learn more from our engineering team.


Siemens MASTERDRIVE EDC Electronic Drives and Controls 6SE70 System
New SIMAMICS S120 Drive System Siemens EDC Electronic Drives and Controls
New SINAMICS S120 Drive System
More programming power. Less space!