Web wire and strip

Specializing in tension control, EDC has engineered, built and retrofitted controls for 100’s of Pay-offs, Take-ups, Rewinds, Unwinds,  and Spoolers.

Blue Plastic Sheet

Plastic Bag Manufacturer: EDC mounted four spindle drives on a rewind turret to eliminate slip rings.  A wireless ethernet communications network was established between the PLC and the drives, thus minimizing control noise susceptibility and making for a cleaner installation with fewer wires.

Traverse winding reel

EDC Systems has perfected the art of traverse winder retrofits. Using an Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC , Panel View Plus 700 touch screen and high performance algorithms, obsolete and outdated traverse winders have new life with EDC self-contained controller. Whether you want to retrofit a single station or upgrade a multi-strand line, EDC has the experience to extend the years of service of your equipment.  Ask about the EDC rental program.

Ruesch Sidewinder #8 control panel

As the Ruesch touch screen computers grow older,  finding other parts is a growing challenge.  EDC has integrated a traverse winding package based on Allen-Bradley’s Compact Logix PLC and Panel View Plus 700 touch screen.  EDC has proprietary algorithms for turn points, wrap angles and tension control and can position a hydraulic servo valve or servo motor and lead screw for the traverse axis.

Copper Coil

COPPER STRIP PROCESSOR – EDC replaced 6 obsolete traverse winders on a copper slitting line with the proprietary Omega Wind Traverse Winder. Operators are able to enter variables such as wrap angle, turn points and kick-out. The field-tested traverse winder retrofit solution can be applied to numerous metallic, paper and film slitting lines.


Self-adhesive finger nail manufacturer: Exceptional business growth drove expansion from a pilot plant operation to a full coating, laminating and packaging production line. EDC not only helped develop the pilot process, but was instrumental in designing and integrating the production line drive and control system. Coating, drying, printing, die cutting and packaging with VFDs, servos, PLCs and HMIs helps keep America beautiful!

Drive and Controls Panel During Construction
Nail Polish Line
Nail Polish Line Operator Control System
car battery

A European manufacturer of automotive batteries purchased a used laminating line from a US-broker that included out-dated DC motors and drives. EDC removed the DC components and converted them to AC vector drives and Marathon motors with encoders.  Once the line was installed at the manufacturing site,EDC’s field service engineers arrived to complete the troubleshooting and start-up.


A printer of holograms needed to upgrade their slitter/converter to keep up with customer demands. Increasing the speed of their machine called for a 50% increase in motor horsepower and, subsequently, an increase in drive size.  To further update the line, EDC replaced all DC motors and drives with AC vector versions. The new drive enclosure featured ethernet communications and load sharing between the drives.

Ningxia Slitting Machinery

EDC provides motors and controls for major metals slitting line OEMs and has performed retrofits for many processing plants.  One such project is a double loop slitting system with 18 AC synchronous and vector motors.

Pull Tabs

An ALUMINUM CAN MANUFACTURER decided to slit their own pull tab stamping coils to improve quality. To support the slitting line OEM, EDC designed and built an 18-axis high precision control system that featured AC synchronous servo and vector motors utilizing the Siemens Simatic S120 and Drive Cliq platform. An S7 PLC and remote I/O on a ProfiNet network handled the control. Energy-savings load sharing was accomplished by coupling the main rectifier/converter to space-saving double motor module “bookshelf” drives.

Let’s do sushi!
A Seasonings & Flavorings manufacturer was scrapping hundreds of soy sauce pouches a day due to poor print registration during a packaging process. EDC added an additional tracking encoder and provided programming to coordinate the servo motors
Wire Yard

EDC Systems has upgraded annealing sections of copper, aluminum and steel wire drawing lines utilizing EDC’sproprietary line speed input and square root function board. Included in usual retrofits are the main transformer, SCR section and drawing and spooling drives. EDC has retrofitted drawing lines from industry leaders like Syncro and Niehoff with capabilities up to 525 KVA!


A Power Cable Mfr built a new Continuous Vulcanization (CV) Line. EDC provided 23 vector motors and drives, a 1000+ point PLC with remote I/O, 30 zones of temperature control, 10 HMIs and four communications networks. The PLC program controlled steam, nitrogen, pressurized water and maintained the tension of a cable stretched within a 450-ft catenary tube. In all, the cable traveled over 1500 ft from the pay-off through capstans, three extruders, the steam-filled catenary tube, cooling troughs, accumulators and finally to the take-up reels. Every piece of equipment or process that touched the cable along the way needed to be controlled, monitored and coordinated. The controls for this project were built at the EDC facility and installed and commissioned 1000s of miles away.


A steel spring manufacturer needed to upgrade their 400 HP main drawing motor and PLC controls.  EDC manufactured a completely contained enclosure with air conditioners to keep the large horsepower drive cool and free from trouble-causing steel dust.  The PLC was mounted in a door-insert enclosure to comply with arc-flash requirements and make it easier to service.